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Why I Would Like to Be a Nurse

The modern world provides a wide range of professions. According to a report by Harter, Schmidt, and Keyes (2013), only 13% of employees feel satisfied with their jobs. These people are passionate about their professions. Therefore, choosing a satisfying career is important and requires adequate information analysis coupled with self-examination. Nursing is one of the most satisfying occupations recognized worldwide. However, anyone who would like to choose nursing as their profession needs to do a self-evaluation of their reasons for desiring to acquire the occupation, their strengths and weaknesses, and their past accomplishments.

One of my primary reasons for choosing this profession is my innate desire to help people and care for them in times of need. Nursing is the perfect job that will provide me with the opportunity to fulfill my passion by helping the ill and their families. The profession will enable me to care for the ailing that are helpless and desperate, and I would feel satisfied and gratified to restore their hope and relieve them of their suffering. Therefore, caring for the vulnerable in the nursing profession brings a sense of importance and worthiness that is not found in other fields.

The second reason for choosing the profession is that I thrive on being challenged, and I always have new goals to achieve. Although every profession has its difficulties, nursing is one of the jobs that imply daily issues. Nurses face different problems every day, and they have to devise various methods to encounter and overcome them. Further, the profession is stressful and full of traumatic events. I would be happy to face all these challenges because I believe that difficulties make one better and stronger.

Moreover, nursing is a profession that gives an opportunity to learn from other careers and add to your knowledge base and interpersonal skills. Nurses interact and work with many healthcare professionals, as well as meet many people of different occupations. This exposure not only helps in widening their professional knowledge but also assists in gaining experience in other fields of life so that they remain informed and knowledgeable (Mason, Isaacs, & Colby, 2013). Additionally, nurses can receive inspiration from other professionals and work towards advancing their skills, diligence, and passion. Interacting with people across the world increases my sense of satisfaction in sharing knowledge and helping the global community.

My strengths and weaknesses would favor success in the profession. First, I am self-motivated and determined to achieve professional and career success. Second, I am intelligent and self-confident. There is a lot to learn in nursing, and it requires an intelligent person to grasp, retain, and exercise the knowledge received. Moreover, nursing work demands autonomy; therefore, one needs to be self-confident. Third, I am a perfectionist and focused on details. The profession involves delicate procedures that have to be followed strictly. Failure to do so can lead to complications or death. Lastly, I am honest and trustworthy. Nurses are required to be truthful and report any mistake made by them or their colleagues despite the consequences that may befall. Furthermore, nurses should not disclose any personal or medical information about their patients.

I have managed to accomplish certain things so far, and they act as motivation for any new challenge in my life. I have received an Associate of Arts degree during my Miami Dade’s College graduation. I believe that life is a constant work in progress, and this belief keeps me looking for more to do in my life.

Applying for my dream career is an important and meaningful moment that marks the beginning of another proud accomplishment in my life. This year, I have been fortunate to have had many wonderful experiences, and I am looking forward to much more. Therefore, I am seeking for an opportunity to enroll and study at your institution to further my professional and career dreams, for which the community is the ultimate beneficiary.


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