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Nursing Concept Relevant to Nursing Practice Essay

Nursing Concept Relevant to Nursing Practice Essay

Caring as a Concept

The concept of caring in nursing is of paramount importance because and caring can be compared to the heart of the nursing profession that contributes to the excellence of nursing practice. Caring is closely associated with the feelings of contentedness, involvement, and, finally, commitment of nurses to patients with the purpose to contribute to their health and well-being. The current paper aims to analyze and describe caring as one of the main concepts directly linked to the field of nursing practice. Moreover, the emphasis will be placed on significance and relevance of the concept of caring.

If caring is compared to the essence or the core of nursing, caring, as a concept and theory, is directly linked to the nursing practice. According to the estimations of the researchers who investigate core nursing concepts and theories, caring has the power to enhance patients’ physical health and the state of emotional well-being, and also contributes to health promotion (Drahosova & Jarosova, 2016). Caring as a nursing concept is complex, multidimensional, and versatile because it may be analyzed and interpreted from various perspectives. In general, researchers who explore various dimensions of the caring concept know that caring differentiates into five critical epistemological perspectives: caring as an essential human state, caring as one of moral imperatives, caring as a method to influence physical and psychological health of patients, caring as an effective nursing intervention, and, finally, caring as an interpersonal relationship between a nurse and a patient (Drahosova & Jarosova, 2016).

The term “caring” in nursing sphere is usually defined in different ways, caring as a nursing concept is associated with the deep feeling of empathy for other people that involves expressing or having compassion. In clinical practice, the concept of caring is fundamentally important because it motivates nurses to maintain and develop healthy help-trust relationships with patients (Drahosova & Jarosova, 2016). In simple words, caring, as a concept, inspires health care professionals to create and sustain open, authentic, and caring relationships with every patient because the primary responsibility of every committed and enthusiastic nurse is to be supportive and express positive feelings in order to establish a tight connection with a deep spirit of self and the person who the nurse is caring for (Lachman, 2012). Caring moments are critically important because these occasions express interest and commitment of nurses to their profession and their patients (Lachman, 2012). On the one hand, the concept of care is as significant in the nursing practice as the concept of ethics because caring is one of the most important perspectives for moral sensitivity and responses. On the other hand, caring should be perceived as an effective tool that assists nurses in moral problem solving (Lachman, 2012).

Researchers who explore the concept of caring and its relevance to nursing practice distinguish four main components or elements of caring, which are competence, responsibility, attentiveness, and, finally, responsiveness (Lachman, 2012). Attentiveness is one of the dominant elements of caring because it mainly focuses on detection and assessment of basic needs of patients and their families (Andrews & Boyle, 2008). The role of responsibility is no less important because all professional and experienced nurses bear the responsibility for their patients. Competence, as the third critical element of caring obliges nurses to focus on the continuous process of learning and regularly update their competence and enrich their knowledge (Andrews & Boyle, 2008). Finally, the role of responsiveness is crucial because it ensures a chance for nurses to verify that all caring needs of every patient are met (Drahosova & Jarosova, 2016).

In conclusion, despite the knowledge related to caring as a concept that is directly linked to nursing practice is limited, caring is beneficial for both health care professionals and patients. Although the meaning of this concept is analyzed in different ways, effective care encourages nurses to follow not only physical, but also psychological, emotional, cultural, and spiritual needs and expectations of their patients because the main objective of a good care is to enable patients to strive for and become as independent as possible. The concept of caring is and will always remain relevant to nursing practice because care ensures a unique chance to enhance autonomy, dignity, and comfort of every patient.

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